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universal running about. For a couple of months
Great Britain has been more like a disturbed
ant-hill than an organised civilised country.
The contagion of funk has affected everyone.
Public institutions and great business concerns
have bolted to remote and inconvenient sites ;
the B.B.G, organisation, for example, scuffled off
headlong from London, needlessly and ridicu-
lously, no man pursuing it. There has been a
wild epidemic of dismissals, of servants employed
in London, for example, and a still wilder
shifting of unsuitable men to novel, unnecessary
jobs. Everyone has been exhorted to serve the
country, children of twelve, to the great delight
of conservative-minded farmers, have been with-
drawn from school and put to work on the land,
and yet the number of those who have lost their
jobs and cannot find anything else to do, has
gone up by over 100,000.
There have been amateurish attempts to ration
food, producing waste here and artificial scarcity
there. A sort of massacre of small independent
businesses is in progress mainly to the advantage
of the big provision-dealing concerns, who
changed in a night from open profiteers to
become the " expert" advisers of food supply.
All the expertise they have ever displayed has
been the extraction of profits from food supply.